Super Modified Powerwheels Jeep



Voltage:  24

Transmission:  2-stage chain reduction and differential

(swappable gear ratios)

Motor:  Heavily Modified Industrial DC Motor

Speed:  30 MPH with a small adult

Weight:  140 pounds

4 Responses to “Super Modified Powerwheels Jeep

  • Hello. I just ran across your website and that awesome military power wheels jeep. I would love to build this for my kids, but need some more info. Any help would be appreciated. Engine type, frame design, gearbox setup, axles, etc.

    Thank you, Paul

  • Soy de Ecuador, encontre el video en facebook. Me parece Increibe y me gustaria ver la aplicacion en mini botes o mini subs si se puede por el peso de la bateria. Felicitaciones.

  • I will like to buy one of your jeeps email me asap.!

  • Hey I’m a mechanical engineering student with the Solar Vehicle Team at KSU. We are trying to make a scaled down version of our design using a power wheels vehicle like the one you’ve created. We just had a few questions regarding the design and the DC motor mods. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks for your time and I’ll be on standby for your response

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